Tipper Trailers

Similar to the dump truck in function, though not necessarily in size, is the tipper trailer. Tipper trailers are commonly used to empty large quantities of materials in one area, such as soil into a freshly landscaped garden, or cement powder on a construction site. They’re particularly useful for smaller quantities when a full sized tip truck might be overdoing it. Manufactured and supplied by Western Trailers & Engineering, our range of tipper trailers can accommodate the requirements of commercial and residential customers alike.

Built to Last

When it comes to tipper trailers for residential, commercial or agricultural properties in Melbourne, you can trust Western Trailers to truly deliver trailers that are built to last in almost any conditions. Each of our trailers is manufactured using the highest quality materials for optimal life and durability. Choose from a selection of manual or hydraulically operated tipper trailers in a variety of sizes to accommodate your particular needs. Browse our range online or visit us in person to see our trailers for yourself.

6×4 Manual Smooth Tipper Trailer

Hydraullic Tipper Trailers with Electrical Brakes

Lawan Moving Tipper Trailers 2 Ton GVM with Electrical Brakes