Tandem Trailers Melbourne

Western Trailers & Engineering is a leading designer and retailer of tandem trailers Melbourne wide. Differentiating itself from the single axled, two-wheeled trailer by adding an extra two wheels and one more axle, tandem trailers provide added durability, enhanced stability and superior shock absorption compared to single axle trailers. Our specially designed and manufactured tandem trailers come in a variety of designs to suit a multitude of different needs. Come and see what we can do for you.

Stronger and Sturdier

Western Trailers supplies the best, quality made tandem trailers in Melbourne. We know for a fact that our trailers provide users across the board – whether at home, in a commercial setting or in an agricultural environment – with a wealth of advantages compared to conventional trailers. This is because our tandem trailers are sturdier and boast a superior quality suspension than the usual single axle trailers. An important benefit of tandem trailers is that they are far safer than other options; this is because according to our law, they must have working brakes. So talk to us if you want to know where to find the best quality tandem trailers in Melbourne.