Stock Trailers

Transportation of farm stock, whether it is sheep, cows or poultry, needs to be conducted in a way so as to prevent any potential harm or mistreatment while in transit. You must also ensure the stock has sufficient room to move without being able to break free. A well designed stock trailer will be able to tick all of these boxes, allowing for the safe and humane transportation of all animal life on board. If you’re looking for stock trailers for sale in Melbourne, you can trust Western Trailers & Engineering to have the ideal model to meet your specific requirements.

Designed and Manufactured On Site

Galvanised for enhanced durability, our stock trailers for sale provide stability and security for any stock in transit, all while giving them enough room to not feel restricted. All of our trailers are designed and manufactured on site, so you can feel comfortable and confident in their quality.

Western Trailers & Engineering also carries a wide range of parts and accessories for our stock trailers for sale, including axles, brakes and cages. To find out more about our product range, contact us online or visit our premises in Laverton today!