Maintenance & Cleaning Tips for Trailers

August 21,2019

There are some people who take amazing care of their car but fail to pay similar attention to their trailer. As a result, trailers can often be neglected and left to develop problems such as weather damage, rust and other issues caused by a lack of maintenance. This blog post from Western Trailers & Engineering contains some useful cleaning and maintenance tips to help you properly care for your trailers in Melbourne.

Wash Your Trailer Regularly

Keeping your trailer clean will protect the finish of your trailer and remove things like dirt, dust and bird droppings that can cause damage over time. It’s recommended that you wash your trailer using a sponge and warm soapy water, after which you can use a hose to rinse it off. Don’t use a high pressure washer, as this can cause damage.

Carry Out Frequent Inspections

It’s important to look over your trailer regularly and inspect it for any problems such as wear and tear or rust. If you find any rusted areas, sand the rust away with sandpaper or steel wool, then touch up the area with a new coat of rust-proof paint. By keeping an eye out for small problems before they develop into larger issues, you can save money and also ensure your trailer is as safe as possible.

Keep Parts Greased

To extend the life of your trailer, it’s important to keep all moving parts well lubricated. Any friction in a moving part can quickly cause it to break down, rendering your trailer unsafe and unroadworthy. Make sure you grease all joints and axles, as well as the winch, ball hitch and wheel bearings.

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For more helpful tips on keeping trailers in Melbourne clean and well maintained, look no further than the team at Western Trailers & Engineering. Armed with years of trailer know-how and experience, we can provide all the advice you need.

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