Lawn Mowing Trailer

Need to transport a lawn mower from location A to location B? You’ll want to be able to smoothly unload it from the trailer without potentially causing it damage. That’s where a lawn mowing trailer can be incredibly beneficial. Sharing the same mechanism as the tip trailer, the lawn mowing trailer allows you to safely wheel down the mower while holding onto the handle, instead of carrying it off the trailer and potentially causing injury to yourself or damage to the mower. If you’re looking for a high-quality lawn mowing trailer for sale in Melbourne, discover the quality designs of Western Trailers & Engineering.

The Ultimate Carrier for Your Lawn Mower

Western Trailers & Engineering has designed and manufactured lawn mowing trailers for sale in a variety of different sizes to suit a range of needs. Choose from single or dual axle trailers with manual or hydraulic operation for the tipper compartment.

If you’d like to explore any of these models in greater detail, or if you want to check out a lawn mowing trailer for sale in person, contact us online or visit our Laverton premises today.

Barn Door Tandem Lawn Mowing Trailer

7x5x4 Feet Lawn Mowing Trailer – 1 Ton GVM

Lawn Mowing Trailer – 1.4 Ton GVM

Lawn Mowing Hydraulic Tipper Trailer – 2 Ton GVM

Lawn Mowing Trailer – 2 Ton GVM