Western Trailers & Engineering proudly supplies a range of box trailers in Melbourne that are suitable for professional tradespeople, home DIY types and more. From transporting materials from one location to another through to storing all your holiday camping gear as you take to the road, not to mention a wealth of additional uses, box trailers boast a versatility not always enjoyed by other trailer types. If you’re looking for box trailers for sale, you won’t find a better range than ours.

Melbourne’s Best Range in One Location

Our box trailers for sale are designed with a wealth of features that add to their well earned reputation for versatility and durability. By implementing our high-tech analysis during the design and manufacture phase, our box trailers have been developed to provide maximum strength. This strength has been coupled with a lightweight bolt-together chassis for enhanced lifespan and the ability to carry heavier loads.

The lifting mechanism lifts to just before balancing point and provides positive lifting and lowering. Simply push down on the lever to lift the body, while the rear door can be completely removed for tipping tall cargo and cleaning out. With a box trailer, you can reduce your time on simple jobs – perfect for grass cuttings and mucking out.

For the best box trailers in Melbourne, check out the range at Western Trailers & Engineering.

8×5 with Box Trailers High Sides and back door tie down

Box Trailers High Sides


7 x 5 with High Side Trailer