Bike Trailers

Transport your motorbikes with safety and ease with a bike trailer fitted to the back of your vehicle by the local experts at Western Trailers & Engineering. We’re the specialists to turn to when you’re looking for a bike trailer in Melbourne. Whether you’re transporting motorcycles to the local track for a competition, or just want to get off road in the great outdoors, our bike trailer range ensures any vehicles attached remain secure and safe while in transit.

Unsurpassed Quality and Durability

As one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of bike trailers in Melbourne, we’re very proud of our unmatched high quality, durability and innovation. You don’t have to be a professional Motocross champion to reap the benefits of owning one of our bike trailers. We offer a safe, high-capacity motorcycle trailer that can be easily stored in a garage while taking up minimum space. Our trailers are set up to accommodate up to 3 regular dirt bikes, road bikes or scooters.

For the best bike trailer in Melbourne, be sure to discover the range available from Western Trailers & Engineering.